Hettich – Quality Inside – Made in Europe
Customized drawers

With “AvanTech YOU” Hettich (Germany) presents a new platform and its latest stand-out product in the field of drawer systems. This platform allows drawers to be designed in a unique manner and, according to the company, wins customers over with its exceptionally slim, purist design, without any visible screw heads or cover caps.
In doing so, the platform provides the company with the opportunity to get ahead of the competition – to provide unique furniture design across a range of price segments and to react to customer specifications in a targeted manner. It enables manufacturers to offer a wide range of goods while also enjoying the benefits of lean, flexible manufacturing processes and low production and storage costs.
On fairs, Hettich uses the motto “Fascin[action]” to display a range of product solutions which are based on the individual wishes of the customer: to feel style, enjoy comfort and win storage.
Using creative design ideas, the fitting solutions company is aiming to provide a clear demonstration of how living spaces can be connected in a functional and elegant manner. For example, how you can enjoy a closet with a panorama effect. Or how you can make office work even more comfortable thanks to convertible furniture concepts. leo

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