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Mobile helper for adjustment and installation

The “Hettich Technical Assistant” helps with the adjustment and installation of products from the fittings producer Hettich (Germany) and offers other helpful tools as well. It can assist mobile at any time: by means of the Hettich app or as internet solution on the Hettich website. For the product lines hinges, drawer systems and folding and sliding door systems, the assistant provides support with information about installation, adjustment and removal. A highlight: the solutions are presented in a task-based way – as video sequence, PDF or in the FAQ section. According to the company, the users thus find answers to their questions quickly, without having to work through extensive installation instructions. The assembly of a drawer, for example, is explained in simple steps. If fine adjustment is necessary afterwards, the user learns how to adjust the front panel in the various dimensions by watching short animated films. The installer thus achieves a perfect result in only a short time. In addition, tools for calculating weights of components and loading capacities round out the range of the assistant. leo

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