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Entry into PUR technology simplified – In the industry, PUR hot melt technology has already been successfully in use for a long time. Now craftsmen are also starting to use it, making top-level coating on surfaces possible. At the same time, a modern PUR adhesive portfolio enables maximum resistance to moisture and heat. By working closely with machine manufacturers who provide new systems, Jowat (Germany), by its own account one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial adhesives that are used in woodworking companies and furniture production, among other areas, is making PUR adhesives accessible for more and more users. The adhesive specialist has a complete PUR portfolio for premium edge banding. So users get the right adhesive solution in exceptional PUR technology for any need, according to the company. The Jowat “PUR hot melts” can be delivered in a variety of forms for all of the normal market processes. Using PUR technology is made easier with Jowat “PUR hot melts” in granular form. leo

Finding the right connector quickly – Lamello (Switzerland), by its own account the leading producer of precision connector systems, has developed a new online tool, the “P-System Configurator”. The electronic resource is meant to make the search for the ideal product easier by showing the specific connection situations and directly calculating the positions of the connectors for different angles. To find the right product for each case, the angles and the thickness of the material can be individually entered in the configurator. Whether in the office, in the workshop or at the construction site – the configurator can be easily accessed on the Lamello website and be used free of charge on any device with online capability. Users searching for the right Lamello connector for the construction of a piece of furniture will quickly find what they are looking for on the company website: In only a short time, the configurator for the “P-System” shows the appropriate connector including its positioning. All the user has to do is select the connection situation and enter the measurements. Immediately, the connection situation is displayed based on the information provided. Then the kind of machining and the connector type can be selected and the specifications for milling the grooves can be determined. leo

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