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Competence in adhesives and coatings

The adhesives specialist Kleiberit has developed a comprehensive portfolio of environmentally friendly PUR adhesives and with these products it hits the nerve of time. For years, the company has also been successful with its “HotCoating” technology, with which surfaces are finished worldwide.

The adhesives specialist Kleiberit (Germany) has developed new adhesive solutions in micro-emission quality for various areas of application, which can score points in terms of user benefits and can be identified by the ME (=Micro-Emission) label. According to the manufacturer, these products are characterized by the highest bonding properties, combined with safe and simple handling, as well as environmental friendliness and no obligation to label.

Wide range of applications

The PUR hot-melt adhesive “Kleiberit 702.5.03 ME” is used for the sheathing of wood-based material and PVC profiles in the interior. Very high initial strength, enormous heat resistance of up to +140 °C (depending on substrate) and cold resistance down to -40 °C characterize this product. For edge bonding, the company has added the two PUR hot melt adhesives “Kleiberit 707.9.03 ME” and “Kleiberit 707.9.38 ME” to its product range. When laminating flat workpieces with foils, veneers or papers on laminating machines, Kleiberit also relies on the use of reactive PUR hot-melt adhesives in ME quality and offers a whole range of new hot-melt adhesives such as “Kleiberit 706.2.03 ME” or “Kleiberit 706.2.43 ME”.

New fields of application

With more than 60 plants using the company’s “HotCoating” technology installed worldwide, Kleiberit has been an important partner to the wood-based panel industry for surface finishing for years. The company continuously develops the process further and opens up new fields of application. At Ligna 2019, for example, a system for finishing digitally printed roll material using the “HotCoating” process was presented, which was taken over by a customer directly after the trade fair. It can be used to coat webs up to 1.50 m wide, which opens up completely new possibilities for the user in the high-quality coating of elements such as doors. The technology can also be used to produce both high-gloss and supermatt finishes, which are then provided with textured embossing in a further process. The advantage of this “imprint” technology is that the flexible “HotCoating” functional layer does not break out, as is the case with classic coatings. It is also possible to use “HotCoating” technology ­to finish products for the outdoor ­sector. ba

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