Kröning – Quality Inside – Made in Europe
New, durable wrapping foil qualities

“DFF 200” and “DFF 145”, these are the new foils with which Kröning (Germany) turns to manufacturers of room doors and baseboards. “Outstanding overstretching and carrier lamination with the additional possibility of overpainting” – argues , the specialist for surfaces of the furniture industry. Foils weights of 145 or 200 grams per square meter, minimum quantity of one roll with 500 sqm, different white shades are available from stock. These are further arguments from the team. For those interested, the company provides an information folder with technical details and original samples. Kröning products are according to company information made sustainably from renewable raw materials and finished with water-based paints and varnishes. All films of the “DFF 145” and “DFF 200” series are FSC certified. Surfaces for furniture industry are the main topic from the specialist for surfaces. Melamine resin edges – varied stock offer, pure-metal-foils for profile wrapping, PVC foils – pretty tough and other finish foils. A diverse assortment for furniture marked. leo

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