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For elegant fronts with a luxury look

Genuine wood panels that are pressed on both sides with high-quality completely dyed laminates are especially complicated to produce. But in return, they have an extremely elegant look. With the new “Compact-Style” “edging” from Ostermann, that look can also be achieved with a classic ABS edging.

The edging by Ostermann (Germany) called “Compact-Style” is supplied with the measurements 23 x 1.3 mm and is currently available in the colour combinations black/oak and white/oak. In combination with a white or black particle board, it creates the appearance of an extremely high-quality genuine wood front that has been pressed on both sides with homogeneously and completely dyed laminate.

Colour outside – oak inside

In order to achieve the special “laminate look”, the edging made out of the classic edging material ABS has three different stripes. On the sides, it is either black or white, in order to match the particle board perfectly in colour. In the middle, the edging has a wide stripe in oak look.

For the perfect illusion

In order to create the perfect illusion of a genuine wood panel, there are two versions, one with end grain wood decor and one with horizontal wood decor in the middle stripe. If the two edgings are alternated on a matching black or white particle board, the genuine wood look is perfect.

Minimum order 1 metre

For perfect implementation, two different edgings are needed for each front, so needs-based orders in the smallest quantities are the right solution. Therefore, the wholesaler for carpentry supplies delivers the furniture edgings with a minimum order requirement of only 1 metre. Goods in stock that are ordered by 4 pm are shipped on the same day. The edging is then deli­vered within 24 hours.

The new Polyrey collection

Ostermann also has the matching edging for the new Polyrey (France) assortment already. The new collection consists of a total of 292 decors in the categories “Colours”, “Woods” and “Materials”. 93 of the decors are new. Among the 34 new plain colours, a particularly large number of new shades of blue, green, red and grey can be found as well as many new pastel tones. And the palette of violet shades, which are especially popular right now, has been considerably expanded. In the “Woods” category, there are 36 new decors. Among them are wood decors in the trendy burnt or smoked looks. 21 new decors have been added to the “Materials” category (called “Fantasy” before). There are decors in stone, metal and textile looks as well as real metal surfaces. Special highlights are the new marble and concrete decors as well as the timelessly elegant terrazzo look. Following the trend towards increasingly realistic surfaces, Polyrey has added 8 versions to its variety of surfaces and now has 17 different shiny and embossed options. Polyrey especially emphasises the new super matt and silky-soft touch surfaces, which go well visually with the super matt edging from Ostermann. The wholesaler stocks the matching edging for the new Polyrey collection in the customary standard measurements (23, 33, 43 and 100 mm). In addition, the edging specialist cuts the edging to any width desired. leo

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